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Laboratory Viscosity Meter (Viscosimeter)

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Digital Rotary Laboratory Viscosity Meter Viscosimeter


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Digital Rotary Laboratory Viscosity Meter (Viscosimeter)



MZ-NDJ-5S Digital Rotary Laboratory Viscosity Meter Viscosimeter


MZ-NDJ-5S has been widely used to determine and measure the liquid viscosity in many applications such as grease, painting, pharmacy and adhesives…

It is suitable for: printing ink, cleaning agent, adhesive, UV film adhesive, black glue, cosmetic, electroplating, medicine, paint, coating, sewage treatment and other industries precision electronic instruments.


  • Digital rotating viscometer is an upgraded version of the company rotational viscometer.
  • This instrument adopts the advanced mechanical design technology, manufacturing technology and microcomputer control technology, data acquisition right; Display use blue backlight, high brightness LCD display, data show clear.
  • Digital rotating viscometer has high sensitivity and reliable test results, use convenient, beautiful generous, the characteristics of Newtonian fluid is used to measure the absolute viscosity and apparent viscosity, non-newtonian fluid can be widely used in petroleum, paints, plastics, medicine, jewelry, coatings, detergent and other objects viscosity measurement.


1. Use 16 unit microprocessor core to control electric, gearless running.

2. Blue screen LCD digital display. Can directly display viscosity, rotate speed, centigrade meter torque,
rotor number and fathomable max viscosity at current condition.

3. Meet the advanced technology of the same product overseas(RTD temperature probe is optional parts).


1.The core part of the whole machine is designed with modern microelectronic technology, which can automatically measure the viscosity of various liquids.

2.Compared with the traditional pointer viscometer, the accuracy of the rotary viscosity is about 20 times higher than the former, and the visual digital display of the viscosity measurement value will not cause the human error on the reading. This instrument has the characteristics of high measuring sensitivity, reliable test results, convenient operation and beautiful appearance.

3.Instrument for measuring the absolute viscosity of Newtonian fluids and the apparent viscosity of non-newtonian fluids.Applicable to: water-based ink, mirror silver ink, silk printing ink, glue, adhesive, resin, pulp, lubricants and so on.

4.This instrument is a digital display viscosimeter, imported from Japan synchronous motor by varying speed to drive the rotor for constant speed rotation.When the rotor is rotating in the liquid, the liquid will generate the viscosity torque acting on the rotor.

5.The larger the viscosity torque is, and conversely, the smaller the liquid viscosity is, the smaller the viscosity torque is.The viscous torque acting on the rotor is measured by the sensor, and the measured viscosity of the liquid is obtained by computer processing.

6.This instrument adopts microcomputer technology, which can conveniently set the range (rotor number and rotation speed), carry out digital processing on the data detected by the sensor, and clearly display the value of rotor number, rotation speed and viscosity of the tested liquid when measuring.And its full range percentage value and so on.

Measured Range (mpa/s)
Rotation Speed(RPM)
Number of Rotor
1#,2#,3#,4#,     4 types (0# Rotor is for option,  Measurable viscosity low to 0.1mpa/s )
Reading stability cursor
The vertical bar square cursor is full, the reading displayed is basically stable
Measurement Accuracy
± 1.0% (FS)
 ± 0.5%
 Work Environment
Temperature 5℃ to 350 ℃.The relative humidity is no more than 80%
The adapter is the standard supply (input 220V±10% 50±1 Hz)
Overall dimensions
370X325X280 mm


Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 32 × 28 × 37 cm


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