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Laboratory Viscosity Meter (Viscosimeter)

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Microcomputer Viscosity Meter


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Microcomputer Viscosity Meter

Microcomputer Driving Viscosity Meter

Product Description

Technical parameter:

Model NDJ-1C Pro
Control / display mode LCD
Speed (r/min) 0.5 / 1/2 / 2.5 / 4/5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100
Rotor 1 – 4# (standard); 0# rotor (optional)
Measuring range 50 ~ 2000000 (2 million), 6.4-1000 (optional rotor No 0)
Measurement error (Newtonian liquid)


Repeat error (Newtonian liquid)


Temperature measurement interface Have



This Rotary viscometer adopts the latest microcomputer driving technology, imported stepping motor and LCD backlight display. It has the functions of stable speed, good accuracy, programmed design, easy operation, and error alarm. Torque, rotor number, temperature of the measured liquid, and time of measurement. The full scale and linearity of all gears of the instrument are all calibrated through PC interface with standard samples of different viscosities to ensure the instrument has extremely high accuracy and repeatability.


Main feature:

1. It is very convenient to adjust the level by sitting in front of the horizontal bubble.

2. With timing measurement function. Most of our measurement samples are typical non-Newtonian liquids, except for viscosity and temperature and shear

In addition to speed, it is also related to the length of the measurement. In order to make the measured data comparable, the measurement time

Must be consistent.

3. The display accuracy of the measurement data is two decimal places.

4. The measurement data is displayed directly on the LCD screen, no secondary calculation is required;

5. Using the sample adapter, the amount of sample required for testing is very small, usually only 15-20ml;

6. The viscometer has an RS232 interface, which can be directly connected to a miniature thermal printer.


The standard configuration:

Host: 1

Rotor: 21 /, 27, 28, 29 #

Outer barrel: 2

Temperature control device: 1

Heating furnace: 1

Data processing software: 1


Additional information

Weight 8 kg


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