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Co2 Incubator For Medical Lab 80L

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Co2 Incubator For Medical Lab 80L


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Co2 Incubator For Medical Lab 80L

80L Carbon dioxide incubator

Carbon Dioxide Incubator is an advanced instrument for cultivation of cells, tissues and bacteria,
key equipment for the development of immunology, oncology, genetics and biological engineering,
extensively applicable in the research and production of microorganism, agricultural sciences and pharmaceuticsPerformance Feature:
1, Adopts originated domestic streamline arc design, the outer is made of cold rolled steel plate, and the surface is static
2, Temperature control system adopts microcomputer single chip technology, with the functions of temperature control, timing and
over-temperature alarm;
3, CO2 control method is distribution type;
4, Adopts imported a centric fan with low noise and long use life to heat quickly with good uniformity;
5,Double screens of high light nixie tube display, the value displayed well, predominant performance, set and adjust parameters by
touch type buttons;
6, Equipped with two control systems, the assistant control system will play the monitoring role when the main control system is
7, Adopts microcomputer auto-restrain control system that can avoid temperature fluctuation if users open the door when
8, Adopts door heating control system which can avoid frost phenomenon of inner door;
9, Adopts double seal door structure, outer door adopts magnetic door seal structure. The silicone rubber door seal is equipped
between chamber and inner door to ensure seal;
10, User can decide the number of shelves and the height of shelves can be changed optionally;
11, The interior chamber is made of mirror stainless steel material, the design of corners semicircular is
easy to clean.
Quick Details
Classification:    Laboratory Thermostatic Devices
Brand Name:   SUGOLD
Model Number:   HH.CP-T
Place of Origin:    Zhejiang, China
Product name:  Carbon dioxide incubator
Model:  HH.CP-T
Chamber size:400*500*400mm
Volume: 80L
Temp. Range:  10-50℃
Power:  0.6KW
Voltage:  220V 50 HZ
Warranty:  One Year
Application:  Lab Thermostatic Culture





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