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Incubator 160L

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Incubator for Biological / Medical Labs, 160L (Constant Temperature)
Incubator for Biological / Medical Labs, 160L (Constant Temperature)


3-4 Weeks Lead Time
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Biological / Medical Labs, 160L (Constant Temperature)
Incubator for General Science, Micro-biologial, Medical Labs, 160L (Constant Temperature)



It is applied in industrial and mining enterprise, food processing industry, agriculture, biochemistry and medicine industry for bacteria and microorganism culturing.

LCD display
Microprocessor temperature controller.
The working chamber adopts round angle structure , easy to clean.
Double door design and magnetic door sealing.
Castors are equipped for easy movement.
Water-jacket function which helps to keep long time temperature upon power off.
Water overflow protection
Safety function:
Over temperature protection, temperature sensor malfunction alarm.
Parameters can be saved automatically when power off or system error.
High and low water level alarm, automatic heating off for low water level.


Basic Info.

Model NO:  BJPX-H50/80/160/270III
Temp. Range: t+5~60 ºC
Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.2 ºC
Time Range: 1~9999mins
Consumption: 600W/900W/1200W/2100W
Capacity: 80L
Gross Weight (Kg):  56
Transport Package: Carton, Wooden
Specification: 160L


Additional information

Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 120 cm


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