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Autoclave, Vertical Top Loading 50L

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Autoclave, Vertical, Top Loading 50L


Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
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Autoclave, Vertical, Top Loading 50L


Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks

These are special autoclaves, they are manufactured per order.

Vertical Autoclave (Hand-wheel type) Model BKQ-B50 (II)

  • Autoclave Model BKQ-B50 (II) Safety Features:
  • Over pressure:  Safety valve can automatically open to release pressure.
  • Over temperature: The system will power off automatically.
  • Door sensor:  Sensor at door closing position, to check the door status. If door is open, operation will stop.
  • Anti-dry out function: If water level is too low, system will power off and error code displays on screen.
  • Over current:  over voltage or electric leakage protection apparatus-air switch.
  • Door cover: The door is covered with safety shell made of thermal insulation material, which can protect operator from burning by heat and looks nice.

Autoclave Model BKQ-B50 (II) Technical features:

* Water inlet filter to keep high water quality.

* Optional printer for recording sterilization data.

* LED screen displays all steps of full process as well as error codes.

* Independent quick service window, easy for repairing and maintenance.

* Automatic selecting quick or low exhaust to avoid sterilization liquid overflowing.

* Sterilization programs for dressings, equipment, rubber, culture medium, waste, etc.


Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 69 cm


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