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Digital LCD Microscope (Science Education)

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Digital LCD Microscope (Science Education)
Digital LCD Microscope (Science Education)


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Digital LCD Microscope (Science Education)
Digital LCD Microscope (Science Education)

Magnification: 500x (1200x Digital),

5MP true Resolution Colour LCD Screen 3.5″ TFT,

Adjustable Lighting Focus Range: 10 to 50mm Outputs:

microSD slot,


Windows & Mac compatible Charger,

Battery compartment (Optional),

USB cable, CD,

Manual Size: 149mm(L)x 104mm (W) x 227mm (H), 1100g

. This stand alone microscope with a magnification ratio of up to 500x is excellent for viewing, 5M high quality Image sensor.
2. There is a 3.5 inch TFT color screen shows live footage therefore there is no need to connect to a PC for instant viewing.
3. You can browse your stored images and videos on this screen, plus you can save footage on a micro SD card as there is a built-in port so making it easy to transfer.
4. 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion battery that can be recharged via USB or by the accompanying power adapter.
5. There is an AV output for live demonstrations on televisions and projectors making it great to be used in the classroom.
6. With 500X maximum magnification, you can get up close and personal with viewing the magical mini that happens around us.
7. Light source: 8 LEDs.
8. Frame rate: 30fps.
9. Photo: button photo Support USB computer, and distribution computer driver software, convenient for computer operation Support TV and other TV interface devices, focusing range: Manual focus from 10mm to 30mm.
10. Computer system minimum requirements: Windows XP SP2/Vista/Win7/Win8, Mac 10.6-10.8 or above.
11. Size: 149x 104x 227mm.
12. Power supply plug: US Plug or EU Plug (optional).


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 40 cm


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