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Autoclave Class B Series Table Top

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Autoclave Class B Series Liter Table Top


These Are Very High Quality Autoclaves


1.Brand-new operation interface
The LCD touch screen can display temperature, pressure, time, operating status, error and alarm information, etc .
There are different color changes in each stage of sterilization.
It is convenient for users to observe the sterilizer running status.
More importantly, the fault alarm not only displays the fault code, but also automatically displays the reason analysis and solution.
2.Multiple safety protection devices
Automatic over-temperature protection device, multiple control and protection of evaporator, door safety interlock protection, double over-pressure protection device, etc.
3.Mobile temperature sensor
The mobile temperature probe can directly detect the internal temperature of the liquid to ensure the sterilization effect of the liquid.
4.Automatic door structure
Sterilizer adopts automatic door structure, which is fast and convenient to operate, effectively protects human body and prevents scalding.
5.Vacuuming system
High efficiency vacuum extraction system, low working noise, over -90KPa extreme vacuum, fast extraction speed, good dryness, more complete sterilization
6.A variety of programs
There are exposed procedures, packaging procedures, rubber procedures, dressing procedures, liquid procedures, liquid customization, solid customization, medium sterilization procedures, B&D testing, vacuum testing and media dissolution procedures.

Other features:
A. Heating, sterilizing, exhausting and drying totally automatic.
B. Chamber is heated by film heater, saving energy and time.
C. 0.22μm high efficiency air filter,to avoid re-contamination of sterilized materials with filtration efficiency over 99.5%.
D. Water filter in tank and chamber are quick to disassemble and easy for cleaning.
E. Built-in stainless steel water tank, inner cycle of steam and water.
F. Standard built-in printer.
G. Standard USB port.

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