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Autoclave, Top Loading 120L

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Autoclave 120L


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Autoclave Top Loading, 120L


Application range: 

There are 5 fixed programs and 2 DIY programs according to

different sterilization objects such as dressings, equipment,

tools, rubber, liquid, culture medium, waste, etc.


Safety Features:

1. Over pressure. Safety valve can automatically open to release pressure.

2. Over temperature. The system will power off automatically.

3. Door sensor. Sensor at door closing position, to check the door status. If door is open, operation will stop.

4. Anti-dry out function. If water level is too low, system will power off and error code displays on screen.

5. Over current. over voltage or electric leakage protection apparatus-air switch.

6. Door cover.The door is covered with safety shell made of thermal insulation material, which can protect operator from burning by heat and looks nice.


Technical Features:

* Water inlet filter to keep high water quality(except BKQ-B150/200(II)).

* Optional printer for recording sterilization data.

* LED screen displays all steps of full process as well as error codes.

* Independent quick service window, easy for repairing and maintenance.

* Automatic selecting quick or low exhaust to avoid sterilization liquid overflowing.

* Sterilization programs for dressings, equipment, rubber, culture medium, waste, etc.

* Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure, self-expandable sealing ring, easy operating and safe.

* Complete process of filling water, dynamic pulse exhaust, heating, sterilizing, draining and drying runs automatically.

* Adopting certain temperature(98~102℃) exhaust method and dynamic pulse exhaust method to empty the cold air inside chamber for ensuring steam saturability.

* Inner stainless steel water tank for water and steam to circulate inside. Steam dose not exhaust during sterilization, so as to keep the outside clean and dry(except BKQ-B150/200(II)).

*Drying function (except BKQ-B150/200(II))



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Weight 151 kg
Dimensions 780 × 690 × 1590 cm


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