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Overhead Stirrer

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Digital LCD Display Overhead Stirrer


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Digital LCD Display Overhead Stirrer



-Overhead stirrer is suitable for mixture of high viscosity liquid or solid-liquid.

-Widely used in chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical, physical and chemical analysis, petrochemical, cosmetics, health care, food, biotechnology and other fields.


1. High reliability, long continuous service, outstanding performance
2. the speed is accurate and controlled, easy operation
3.Brushless DC motor drive, low noise and maintenance free
4.Overload protection, motor would automatically stop in case of continuous overload
5. Anti-spill samples, PC control system starts up smoothly, prevent samples overflow.

Quick Details
Classification:    Other
Brand Name:     Faithful
Model Number: SH-II-7C
Name:   digital LCD display Overhead Stirrer used for laboratory
Model: SH-II-7C
voltage: 220V
Speed: 100-2500 r.p.m
Max volume: 40L
Plate size: 200*300mm
Warranty:2 year


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 24 × 26 × 40 cm


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