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Laminar Air Hood Flow Cabinet, Vertical.

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Laboratory Vertical Laminar Air Hood Flow Cabinet


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Laboratory Vertical Laminar Air Hood Flow Cabinet







1. Vertical laminar flow, with SUS 304 stainless steel bench board, effectively prevents external air into the cleaning work environment.

2. High quality low noise centrifugal fan ensures the stable speed. Touch type air flow control system, the five sections wind speed control, adjustable speed 0.2-0.6m/s (initial:0.6m/s; final:0.2m/s)

3. High quality filter ensures dust can be filtered more than 0.3um.

4. UV lamps and lighting control independently.

Optional separating laminar flow cabinet


1.  Vertical laminar flow; enclosed stainless steel bench board, which effectively prevent air flow and keep operator from pungent odor.

2.  Low-noise fan and light touching blowing-rate operational key; adjustable multi-level blowing rate.

3.  High-efficient filter of over 0.3um filtering ratio.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model CJ-1D CJ-1S CJ-2D CJ-2S
Supply Voltage(V) 220V50Hz
Cleanliness 100 grade@≥0.5μm (FBI209E)
Number of colony ≤0.5/utensil.time(Φ90mm cultivation utensil)
Average wind speed 0.3-0.6M/S(Adjustable)
Noise ≤62αB(A)
Vibration and semi-peak numerical &#118alue ≤3μm ≤4μm
Luminance ≥300LX
Specifications and quantity

of light tube

18W×1        20W×2 30W×1 30W×1 18W×1 20W×2
Maximum power dissipation 0.4KW 0.8KW
Specification and quantity of(HEPA) 820×600×50×1


Size of working room(mm) 880×660×500 880×700×500 1310×660×500 1310×700×500
Outer size(mm) 1040×725×1610 1040×790×1610 1490×725×1530 1490×725×1610
Overall dimension of packing(mm) 1220×900×1770 1220×950×1870 1660×900×1760 1660×950×1760
NW(Kg) 160 160 200 200
GW(Kg) 225 225 305 305
Operator(s) One person One person Two person Two Person
One side Two sides One sides Two Sides


Additional information

Weight 225 kg
Dimensions 110 × 73 × 139 cm


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