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Whatman Quantitative Paper Grade 589/1

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Whatman Filter Paper 589:1
Whatman Quantitative Filter Paper 589:1


WHA10300011: Circles, Diameter 125mm, Pack of 100




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Whatman Filter Paper 589:1
Whatman Quantitative Filter Paper 589/1

 The established standard in quantitative analysis for the filtration of coarse precipitates (class 2a acc. to DIN 53 135). Ashless filter paper with very high flow rate.

Used for many quantitative standard methods, especially for gravimetric applications (e.g. determination of the ash content in foodstuffs to Section 35 LMBG*), or for the Blaine test in the cement industry.

WHA10300011: Circles, Diameter 125mm, Pack of 100


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