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Bolin Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Equipment for Experiment

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Chemistry Laboratory Equipment Waste Water Treatment Plant


Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks
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Chemistry Laboratory Equipment Waste Water Treatment Plant


Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks

Quick Details
Classification:                                                     Other
Brand Name:                                                      Bolin waste water treatment
Model Number:                                                 BL-26017 waste water treatment
Name:                                                                  Chemical lab waste water treatment plant
power source:                                                    220v
Usage:                                                                 Chemical lab
Function:                                                           Trolley type
Other name:                                                      Wastewater Treatment Equipment for Chemistry Experiment
Capacity:                                                             500ml
PH value of wastewater:                                  7.0-8.0
Solution Concentration W/V:                        10 percent
Overall Dimension:                                          416mm (length) X426mm (width) X600mm (height)
Type:                                                                   waste water treatment

Chemistry Laboratory Equipment waste water treatment plant

1.  Working Process Scheme

2.  Technology Characteristics

The following pollutants can be treated:

1)  Acid and Alkaline wastewater

2)  Some heavy metal ions such as lead, zinc, nickel, silver, copper,    manganese ( with iron concentration less than 500mg per 1 liter  water for each ion)

3) Compounds of hexavalent chromium and mercury(a pre-processing treatment is needed)

4) Part of organic phosphorus compounds, arsenic compounds, BOD and COD is removed after the processing.

5)  Processing Ability: with the ability of treating 12.8 liter of wastewater at most every time

6) Power Source: a special power source of AC 220V 50Hz DC12V 1.2A

7) Overall Dimension:

416mm (length) X426mm (width) X600mm (height)


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 105 cm


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