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Volatile Crucibles with Pips, 25 x 38mm

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Silica Volatile Matter Crucibles


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Volatile Crucibles with Pips, 25 x 38mm


A portion of pulverized coal 1g sample is heated out of contact with air in a Muffle Furnace at 900 °C for 7 min.

The percentage mass fraction of volatile matter is calculated from the loss in mass of the test portion after deducting the loss in mass due to moisture.

  • Crucible, cylindrical, with a well-fitting lid, both of fused silica.
  • The crucible with lid have a mass between 10 g and 14 g
  • The fit of the lid on the crucible is critical to the determination and a lid shall be selected to match the crucible so that the horizontal clearance between them is no greater than 0,5 mm. After selection, the crucible and the lid shall be ground together to give smooth surfaces and then be given a common distinguishing mark.
  • The Crucible lid base is solid 1.5mm thick.


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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm


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