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Silver/Silver Chloride Electrode-Ag/Agcl Electrode

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Silver Chloride Electrode-Ag/Agcl Electrode



Silver Chloride Electrode-Ag/Agcl Electrode


A silver chloride electrode is a type of , commonly used in electrochemical measurements. … The electrode functions as a redox electrode and the equilibrium is between the silver metal (Ag) and its salt—silver chloride (AgCl, also called silver(I) chloride).

effective length: 30 mm
tube diameter: 6 mm
filling solution: 3M KCl
potential stability: <5 mV
frit resistance: 2-10 kohm at RT
operating temperature: 0-100 deg C

Product includes
1 Ag/AgCl reference electrode
1 set of O-rings


Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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