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Reciprocating Thermostatic Shaking Water Bath

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Reciprocating Thermostatic Shaking Water Bath


2-3 Weeks Lead Time



Reciprocating Thermostatic Shaking Water Bath, 250ml x 48




* Power off recovery function.

* Audio and visual alarm.

* Stainless steel lid, prevent heat loss and evaporation.

* Double over-temperature protection design. Anti dry-out function.

Classification:  Laboratory Thermostatic Devices
Brand Name:  BIOBASE
Model Number:  SWB-110X48(floor-type)
Control:  PID
Display:  LCD
Shaking Mode:  Reciprocating shaking
Drive Mode: Balancing drive
Shaking Accuracy: ±1 rpm
Vibration Range:  25mm
Standard Capacity:  250ml *48
Max. Capacity:  250ml *48 or 500ml*30 or 1000ml*20
Shaking Plate Size:  780*586mm
Spring Shaking Plate Size:  780*586*80mm


Additional information

Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 134 × 80 × 91 cm


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