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Pyrex Beaker 500ml

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Pyrex Beak
Pyrex Beaker 500mlIso9001 Beaker Temperature Resistance: ~550 Degrees Celsius .





Pyrex Beak
Pyrex Beaker 500ml                          Pyrex is world’s most trusted laboratory brand. Pyrex beakers offer excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for use with aggressive dry and liquid samples. PYREX® graduated beaker, heavy duty- They are designed to withstand some of the toughest conditions. They offer the best mechanical strength in the industry to tolerate harsh environments like mechanized washing. PYREX® Standard Griffin Beaker – They are manufactured with uniform wall thickness and offer optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Heat resistance up to 500 degrees celcius.

High grade science and lab instrument on demand



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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 20 cm


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