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Potassium Sulphate K2SO4 AR 500g

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Potassium Sulphate k2so4 AR 500g




Potassium Sulphate k2so4 AR 500g


It is used in the laboratory for analysis and research purposes

Potassium sulfate may be used as a sulfonating agent in the preparation of 4′-dibenzo-18-crown-6-sulfonic acid via sulfonation of dibenzo-18-crown-6.

Potassium sulfate may be used in the preparation of needlelike mullite particles.

It may be used as a buffer for minimizing the adsorption of proteins on fused-silica capillaries in capillary zone electrophoresis

Grade AR reagent
Assay ≥99.0%
Form powder
Impurities ≤0.01% insolubles
≤5 ppm N compounds
pH 5.5-5.8 (25 °C, 5%)
anion traces chloride (Cl): ≤0.001%
cation traces Ca: ≤0.01%
Fe: ≤5 ppm
Mg: ≤0.005%
Na: ≤0.02%
heavy metals (as Pb): ≤5 ppm
SMILES string [K+].[K+].[O-]S([O-])(=O)=O


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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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