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Portable pH/mV Meter: HI8424

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Portable pH:mV Meter: HI8424


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Portable pH:mV Meter: HI8424
The HI8424 is a compact, waterproof, portable pH/mV/temperature meter that is supplied complete with a protective carrying case, PEI plastic body pH electrode, stainless steel temperature probe, calibration buffer sachets, and cleaning solution sachets.
The meter features automatic calibration at one or two points as well as Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) when the temperature probe is connected.


  • Compact waterproof design
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Automatic one or two-point calibration

Waterproof – Compact, heavy duty casing that is protected against any ingress of water that would damage the electronics.


Automatic Calibration – calibration to one or two points to any of the three programmed buffer values (pH 4.01, 7.01, and 10.01).


Automatic Temperature Compensation – Separate temperature probe is supplied to provide temperature compensated measurements.


High Resolution/Accuracy mV Range – The HI8424 automatically switches resolution from 1 mV to 0.1 mV when ORP readings are between -699.9 to +699.9 mV. The accuracy within this range is ±0.2 mV.


Automatic Shutoff – The automatic shutoff feature will turn the meter off after 20 minutes to conserve battery life.


Low Battery Indicator – A low battery indicator will be displayed when the battery life is almost exhausted (5% remaining) alerting the user that a new battery will be needed in the near future.



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