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Lab Short Path Distillation Kit, 2L

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Glass Short Path Distillation Kits 2L Lab glassware kit with Heating Mantle




Glass Short Path Distillation Kit 2L,  Lab glassware kit with Heating Mantle


Glass Short Path Distillation Kits 2L Lab glassware kits with Heating Mantle

24/40 2000ml 2-neck Round Bottom Flask1x,

60 Degree Fractional Distillation Head with Vacuum Port 1x,

24/40 250ml Distillation Cow Receiver 1x,

24/40 250ml Round Bottom Flask 3x,

29/42 Cold Trap 1x,,

29/42 1000ml Receiving Flask1x,

Thermometer Adapter 1x,

14/20 Thermometer Adapter 1x,,

Boss-head 4-16mm 2x,

British Iron Stand 250*160mm 1x,

Iron Support Ring 100mm 1x,

Chain Clamp Clamping diameter 40-145mm 1x,

1000-3000ml Cork Stand 1x,

Lab Jack 100*100mm 1x,250ml Cork stand 3x,

Black iron stand 200x140mm 1x,

Three fingers clamp 1x,

GL-14 Connectors 6x, ,

#24 Plastic Clips 6x, 24/40 ,

#29 Plastic Keck Clip 1x,

110V 60HZ,450W, Digital Magnetic Stirring 2000ml Heating Mantel 1x


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 50 cm


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