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IMHOFF CONES (Glass)1000ml

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Imhoff Cones 1000ml
Imhoff Cones 1000ml


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Imhoff Cones 1000mlImhoff Cones 1000ml


Named after the German engineer Karl Imhoff, these cones are used to measure the volume of settleable solids in a one litre volume of water or wastewater. This unbreakable settling cone is used for separating sediment from water as described in Standard Methods. Graduated from 0 – 1000mL, it has a leakproof bottom closure for measuring and removing the settleable matter.

Volume :                1000 ml

Grad                        Division

0 – 2 ml                        0,1 ml

2 – 10 ml                      0,5 ml

10 – 40 ml                    1,0 ml

40 – 100 ml                  2,0 ml

100 – 1000 ml              50 ml


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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 35 cm


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