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Ethanol Absolute Alcohol, Denatured, 99.9%, CP, 25L

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A solvent used:

– For laboratory analytical purposes

– To the manufacture sanitiser

– In the manufacturing of perfumes

– For various laboratory Purposes


Other Names:  99 Ethanol / ethanol 99
Absolute alcohol, alcohol, cologne spirit, drinking alcohol, ethylic alcohol, EtOH, ethyl alcohol, ethyl hydrate, ethyl hydroxide, ethylol, grain alcohol, hydroxyethane, methylcarbinol





Ethanol Absolute Alcohol, Denatured 99.9% 25L

Ethanol Absolute Alcohol 99,9% is used as a solvent, in homeopathy extraction of active herbal ingredients, manufacture of perfumes and other products.

  • Also used In the manufacture of pharmaceutical and personal care products such as cosmetics, astringents.
  • As a biofuel, bioethanol, blended with gasoline to operate automobiles.
  • It also suitable for multi-purpose use at homes, work places and schools, science laboratories, colleges and universities


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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 55 cm


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