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Advanced Clinical Centrifuge (E-C4-4.50CP(Ext)

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Advanced Clinical Centrifuge


Lead Time: 1-3 days


Advanced Clinical Centrifuge (E-C4-4.50CP (Extra)

Lead Time: 1-3 days

Advanced Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge with Timer, Max 4000rpm, Comes standard with Swing Out Rotor (E-CSR-4.50) with 4 x 50ml buckets and 4 x 15ml OR 4 x 5ml Tube Adapters, LCD Display, (ex)Optional Extra: 6 x 15ml Swing Out rotor OR 24 x 15ml Fixed Rotor)


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 65 × 45 cm


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